Friday, May 2, 2014


The Daily News has an interview with Harlem Bespoke on why Sugar Hill Market has become a new way for businesses to work within a challenging economy.  Some of the photos used do not have the vendor credit so here is a list of some of the products that are ideal for Mother's Day shopping on Sunday, May 4th at Harlem Garage.  There will be a lot of stuff the Bespoke guys will enjoy also! Check out the full story in the Daily News:  LINK

Karema Deodato Millinery Spring 2014 Collection: Sugar Hill's collection women's cap designer returns with a new range of spectacular Spring/Summer chapeaus: LINK

Ingwa Melero Designer Dress Collection:  This Harlem duo has sold at Calypso downtown and has now started a girls line in response to all the families who showed up at the first market: LINK

Kuzeh Pottery:  The Harlem-based artisan potter returns with an extremely colorful collection that was selling out quickly by day's end during last market: LINK

Alton Weekes Spring 2014 Card Collection:  The bespoke card maker of Harlem returns just in time for Mother's Day!  These hand-made art pieces are uniquely crafted uptown, often use Swarovski Crystals  and have sold at Barneys: LINK

This is just a small assortment of the 20 product categories offered up on Sunday which will include men's merchandise, antique's, vintage clothing and also an incubator artisan food court.

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