Monday, July 28, 2014


We just noticed that one of the Mexican restaurants on the Broadway corridor of West Harlem had shuttered recently and a new place already has been set to move in.  The space at 3508 Broadway just north of 143rd Street has a public notice up for a liquor license and will be called Anchor Wine Bar based on the paperwork in the window.  With an atmospheric name and what appears to be engineered wood floors on the interior, we expect that this new arrival will actually be one to look out for in Hamilton Heights.  Other yet-to-be open restaurants in the area such as Hog's Head Tavern are also upping the game in design and this always shows a particularly high taste level to us and usually indicates the no details are left behind for such establishments.  We are not quite sure of the opening date for Anchor but everything looks like it is coming together quite quickly.


  1. This was La Condessa. That place never seemed very busy. A mexican restaurant certainly had a number of competitors on Broadway in Hamilton Heights/Sugar Hill/Washington Heights. I can't think of any other wine bar in that stretch.

  2. La Condessa was an example of terrible food, service and it wasn't cheap. I hope Anchor Wine Bar is not under the same management or expect more of the same. When you look at the success of The Grange, Harlem Public, etc it doesn't need to be that way.

  3. Anchor Wine Bar is the best new addition to West Harlem. Generous fantastic cheese plate, and you MUST try the butternut squash ravioli!