Tuesday, July 22, 2014


When the owners of Manhattanville Coffee on Edgecombe and 142nd gave us a preview of the new coffee shop, they mentioned that there would be a Popbar mini-fridge on the counter in the future and we were not able to try one out until now.  Popbar is actually an artisan popsicle shop in the West Village and we thought it was an interesting concept to bring this specialty item uptown.  The hand-dipped chocolate blood orange was the obvious choice on this hot July afternoon and the overall impression was that this was one cool grownup take on a childhood classic.  Flavors are definitely more natural and on the lighter side so folks used to heavy artificial stuff might not quite get the appeal.  Hopefully this pop concept will take off in Harlem so that we might just start seeing the gelato versions arrive soon at Manhattanville Coffee.

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