Friday, July 25, 2014


Harlem's 2nd Blink Fitness appears to almost be ready to debut on the north side of West 116th Street between Lenox and Fifth Avenue.  The affordable chain of Equinox first opened at a location on 125th Street last year and now has quickly secured another a spot on 116th Street.  With a complete all-gym pass for around $20 a month, this was our choice in Harlem but the facilities definitely are not as full service as the regular rate exercise emporiums.  Cardio fanatics will enjoy the vast amount of equipment available that always seem to be empty but the free-weight stations are a little more limited in number.  Dumbbells also only go up to 90 pounds so those used to lifting really heavy at the bench might be a little disappointed here.

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  1. Anyone know when it's opening? I wouldn't mind joining.