Friday, August 29, 2014


We had a couple of friends from Stockholm visiting the city this week who wanted to check out the Red Rooster and had the honor to meet Chef Marcus Samuelsson.  Our tip for those who want to avoid reservations and grab a quick drink or a quick bite is to show up just a little before 5:00PM.  On most days, this time period is when even the busiest restaurant slow down after the lunch hour and start to prepare for dinner service.  There were three stools waiting for us at the distinct bar inside and we tried out the special of the week include the frozen Lenox Lightning and the white peach sangria with St. Germain.

Also at this hour, one can often find Chef Samuelsson working with staff and the local celebrity always welcomes everyone with open arms.  Our guests was a little start struck but nevertheless took the photo opportunity.  Back in Stockholm, Marcus Samuelsson is a big name since the Swedish expat's restaurants are famous all over the world.  Red Rooster is still one of our favorites for so many reason and it is great to be able to drop by casually on a nice summer day and be greeted like an old friend.


  1. Is that Ulysses in the photo with Marcus? Great picture.

    1. That's our Swedish friend from Stockholm!