Monday, August 11, 2014


Some folks can eat hot ramen all year round but those who want something a little more cooler should try out the seasonal Hyashi Chuka ramen which is a Japanese summer specialty.  Jin Ramen on Broadway just below 125th Street serves up a version that almost makes one feel like they are practically eating a healthy salad.  Fresh ramen noodles are served up cold in a bowl with chopped cucumber, tomatoes, omelette, ginger, nori, chilled roast pork and a soft boiled egg.

This variation has a tare sauce as the seasoning which is a lightly soy based with a touch of vinegar.  Everything was fresh and the noodles were cooked al dente but those who are not into sour accents might not be into this unique dish.  With all that said, we would personally have added a little more sesame oil to balance the depth of the dish which was overall a refreshing dining option on a humid day.

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