Friday, August 22, 2014


The old Perks jazz lounge at Manhattan Avenue at the corner of West 123rd Street closed a few year back but now there have been reports of activity at the old South Harlem site.  We walked by this past week and took photos of what will surely debut by fall 2014.  Hopefully this will be more of a gastropub versus another lounge.

A public notice has now been posted for a liquor license on the window and apparently a new interior is being constructed.  With the close proximity to the FDB corridor and the express trains at 125th Street, this new business should do well if they get the mix right of current aesthetics, quality of offerings and of course service.  This is a charming brownstone storefront and hopefully the renovations will reflect more on the history of the block.  That's a lot to ask for but those who have had the formula right in the past years have done exceptionally well uptown.


  1. Perk's was a great spot. I miss it terribly. Never any negative drama. Great crowd, Great music, Great food, Great service--The staff seemed genuinely happy to work there.

    Pretty crowded on Fri nites but it was great

  2. Let's hope for a good gastropub with music and they leave old sign up. South Harlem still doesn't really have a true pub - Harlem Tavern is more of a sports bar, and Bier International is more of a European beer hall. We need a proper, cozy pub ..