Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Is Harlem ready for a higher end designer boutique?  This question has been looming for some time and those testing out the concept about 6 years ago have mostly shuttered.  Walking by the old shop location of B. Oyama on ACP at the corner of 137th Street, we noticed that Victor de Souza has impressively taken over the space that has been empty for about a year.  This is the sort of boutique one would see either in Soho or the Meat Packing District and really is a newcomer to uptown's 7th Avenue since collection level fashion does not exist in this part of town.

With that said, many labels of this caliber often have a private clientele in place that drop by for appointments and this type of business model is not so reliant on foot traffic.  If more boutiques start opening in close proximity to one another, then a fashionable district might finally be formed but this has yet to happen in Harlem.


  1. i think this could be the start of something very exciting.

    like you said in the posting, because this type of store is less reliant on foot traffic, if a group of similar stores located themselves on the same strip, it could become a real iconic destination spot.

    kudos to mr de souza for being a harlem pioneer in this regard.