Monday, January 26, 2015


The small church on Lenox Avenue just north of 130th Street has had the scaffolding removed and a new facade revealed in the past month or so.  Out of the all the modern updates we have seen at houses of worship uptown, this one somehow has a peaceful elegance to it which is refreshing in comparison to some of the other Harlem alterations that have happened over the decades.  What is also interesting about this particular renovation is that the original facade apparently still remains underneath of this new veneer.  We are not sure if the open lot next door will ever be sold and developed but at least this location on the block has finally been updated.


  1. I must say this works for me. I like how the structure takes your eyes up to the Cross, thats as it should be. They've taken a modern approach to classically oriented ecclesiastic architecture and made it work. Good for them.

  2. Looks similar to Dutch Modernist architecture from the Ivory Coast.