Monday, February 23, 2015


We usually see movies, television shows or various other generic product placement posters throughout Harlem but ran into some high fashion advertising by Strivers Row over the weekend.  Kenzo is a Parisian fashion house that has become wildly popular recently after a huge creative and much more youthful makeover about 3 years ago by a couple New York City downtown designers.  This collection was originally founded by Kenzo Takada in the 1970s but had been in decline since his retirement 15 years ago.  Harlem is one of the last neighborhoods to go mainstream in the greater city and this is always much more interesting to some of the more fashion forward brands.  Better retail is still new territory for uptown but that will probably change sooner than later since things have been slowly turning around for the past decade or so.

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  1. This was on my block. Someone actually smeared black paint on it, which strangely makes it look even cooler. Also spotted Zadig & Voltaire a few weeks ago on 128th.