Friday, February 27, 2015


We did our first post on Rai Rai Ken Harlem earlier in the week but could not get a good glimpse of the  progress at hand because the roll gates were down but have since been back for better photos.  The notable pioneer ramen shop that opened in the East Village 15 years ago before the Japanese noodle soup trend started in NYC seems to actually be ready to the open their uptown eatery any day now.  As one can see from the above photo taken at the location on Amsterdam just south of 133rd Street, the storefront is most definitely complete.  We peered into the glass also and saw that the bar and stools have also been installed within the interior and looks like its pretty much ready to go.  Nothing official has been announced yet but Rai Rai Ken will probably open quietly sometimes in early March if all of the required paperwork has been approved.

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