Friday, February 20, 2015


Hogshead Tavern at Hamilton Place and 142nd Street just debuted their brunch service so we stuck our heads in last week to check out the menu.  Offerings for the weekend include Eggs Benedict Biscuit and Gravy, PBJ French toast with Maple Bacon syrup and an artisan egg sandwich with home fries.  Our food review will be up on a future post since we did not have time to do one properly on Sunday but can report that HT might just have come up with the best Bloody Mary in Harlem.

We noticed on the tavern's Instagram account that the garnished mason jar concoction look pretty impressive with a large piece of slab bacon on top.  Usually brunch cocktails are either okay or really bad but this one actually ended up being better than just average.  Even without the impressive toppings, the actual cocktail itself had the richness we have dreamt about in this drink.  Most Marys tend to be watery for some reason but the thickness here was just the right amount along with a proper balance of spices.  For $10, the serving was also quite generous and could have been a meal in itself.  Read more about Hogshead Tavern in our past post: LINK

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