Monday, February 2, 2015


An old former hardware storefront at the corner of 142nd Street and Broadway is going under major construction but what will arrive at this corner of Hamilton Heights?  Nothing has been officially confirmed yet but the word on the street is that a Starbucks might finally be moving into the neighborhood. West Harlem has a couple of Starbucks in the Morningside Heights neighborhood but nothing this far north on the Broadway corridor.  There is also a location on 145th Street but this is really at the border of Central Harlem on Bradhurst Avenue.  Just like Whole Foods, reports recently revealed that homes located close to this national actually increases in value over the years so bigger things might just be coming to the heights: LINK


  1. I saw that article, interesting read. Funny thing, on the corner of 157th and broadway where the old twin donuts were, a couple of guys were photographing that shop, when I asked them what for, they said a Starbucks, which would be crazy because the beloved Tazso and now cafee bene all share a landlord.

  2. There was a Starbucks about 10 years ago where the old HSBC Bank use to be. It did not do well and closed down after a year. However the neighborhood has changed in these past 10 years that it might take off now sadly......