Monday, February 9, 2015


We received more information about the former theater just north of Central Park through Harlem Historian John Reddick who happened to have archival posters from the venue that are about a century old.  The building was appropriately called the Lenox Theatre and clearly was built by the Jewish Community which arrived in Harlem early on in the 20th Century.  We have written about many of the former entertainment spaces uptown that have been converted to churches in the past but not much is really out there about the Lenox Theatre.  Check out our past post for the before and after photos of the Lenox by 111th Street: LINK


  1. And the big letter (can't see the small) translation is:

    Wednesday Evening 5th April 1922
    Extra Performance and Concert in One Evening
    THE WEDDING DRESS (red letters)

  2. this is great. Thank you.

    Jewish Harlem is so often overlooked that most people do not even know it was once such a strong and large community.