Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Rai Rai Ken's new ramen-ya on Amsterdam by 133rd Street probably has one of the best deals in the city for lunch that nobody really knows about yet.  Since the eatery is located between two major colleges uptown, it would make sense to have an affordable menu during the slower afternoon hours.  For $10.50 an order, hungry uptowners can choose an appetizer, any bowl of ramen and a drink as a pocket friendly option to the pricier restaurants in the neighborhood.  We had a fried chicken Karaage that was freshly prepared to order, the Curry Ramen which comes with sweet corn and a diet coke to go along with our meal yesterday.   Even after years of traveling to Tokyo for work, we still have not figured out what Calpico actually is but other drink option such as green tea will appeal to the health conscious folks out there.

Rai Rai Ken also has rice noodles at an additional charge for the gluten free crowd out there.  More on the downtown spot's new location in Harlem can be found in our past post: LINK

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