Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The team behind Double Dutch Espresso and the recently opened Mess Hall are making some progress with their new cafe by City College in Hamilton Heights.  We walked by the block on Amsterdam by 140th Street a couple of days ago and saw that the new facade had just been put in place but were not able to get a glimpse within.  One of the owners mentioned about a month ago that construction was coming along quickly and that the opening of Filtered will coincide with Mess Hall.  With that said, it is only now that we are seeing construction move forward in a fast fashion and the space was just a blank gutted interior about 3 weeks ago.

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  1. I love their style and how hamilton heights is really exploding.
    now we need a real grocery store, or maybe revamp the Key foods. i saw one down in the financial district that was an 'upscale' version with lots of organic choices etc...