Friday, May 8, 2015


HB was able to preview Chaiwali on Lenox just south of 124th Street in the past weeks and took a few photos of the romantic interior.  The highly anticipated two floor Indian eatery will be moderately priced but will easily be the most opulent spaces in Manhattan for those looking for something a little more intimate and extraordinary.  What we like here is the authenticity of the finishing within the interior which is located in a former brownstone storefront in the Mount Morris Park Historic District which now has exposed bricks and rafters.  A small army of artisans have been adding on antique finishes over the months such as the aged paint on the walls that also looks like graffiti close up and a bold tiger mural up on the 2nd floor.  Everything within is original or custom made for the restaurant space which will hold up to 70 seats once open in June for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Bespoke will have more updates in the coming weeks as the opening date gets closer.  There is also an official Facebook site set up for those who want to be up to date with Chaiwali: LINK

Those who Instagram should also follow the official IG site: LINK


  1. Agreed, extraordinary, the perfect place to read Life of Pi

  2. Beautiful! There will be no other place quite like it. Kudos to the owner. Excited to visit once it's open.