Friday, May 22, 2015


There has been a lot of construction at the empty storefront next door to Rai Rai Ken ramen on Amsterdam just south of 133rd Street and permits confirmed that a new Japanese spot will be arriving soon to this section of Harlem.  We have heard that a Japanase curry-ya (shop) will open in the aforementioned commercial space and noticed that a Japanese name was listed on the permit as the owner of the yet to open business.  A quick conversation next door while ordering ramen this past week also revealed that this indeed will be one of uptown's notable debuts by early summer.

Those who are familiar with the Japanese restaurant block in the East Village that has 11 or so spots such as Soba-Ya, Cha-An,  Robataya, Hasaki and Otafuku might be interested to know that the owner of all of these restaurants who basically founded the Nippon trend downtown is also now focusing on Harlem.  There was a great article in the Times a few years ago which reveals the origins of the businessman who started out as a dishwasher and has now become the ambassador of approachable Japanese cuisine in Manhattan: LINK

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