Tuesday, May 12, 2015


A Bespoke reader asked us for some suggestion for outdoor dining in Harlem for the warm weather season and below is the recommended list which has grown quite extensively over the years:

Lenox Avenue: 
Settepani at 120th Street
Barawine at 120th Street
Cheri between 121st and 122nd Street
Boulevard Bistro at 122nd Street
Harlem Shake at 124th Street
Corner Social at 126th Street
Lenox Saphire at 127th Street
Chez Lucienne between 125th and 126th
Red Rooster between 125th and 126th
Sylvia's at 127th Street

FDB/8th Avenue:
Bier International at 113th Street
Harlem Food Bar at 113th Street
Jado Sushi between 114th and 115th
Lido at 117th Street
Vinateria at 119th Street
Harlem Tavern at 116th Street

ACP/7th Avenue:
Ponty Bistro at 139th Street
Yatenga between 134th and 135th

St. Nicholas Avenue:
Maison Harlem at 127th Street

Anchor wine bar between 143rd and 144th
At the Wallace between 148th and 149th
Harlem Public between 148th and 149th

116th Street:
Harley's Smoke Shack just west of 1st Avenue
Lolo's backyard just west of FDB/8th Avenue
Silvana just west of FDB/8th Avenue


  1. This post is everything, thanks so so much for giving us an easy way to access some great Harlem attributes. We really value this information.

  2. And God bless you for putting cross streets and not addresses. I don't have the patience for lists with addresses only and no cross streets! lol Thanks for the list!!!