Tuesday, June 23, 2015


After a not so stellar brunch experience with crab cakes, we decided to check out Boulevard Bistro on Lenox by 122nd Street again since the menu offerings did look especially good for dinner.  Fried chicken is a hallmark of any uptown restaurant so we put the bistro's version of the southern classic to the test and was not disappointed this time around.  Our guest visiting from out of town took a first bite of the crispy poultry and shouted out immediately that this was the best he ever had!

Indeed the skin was crusty and crunchy, the seasonings were all there along with the required juicy meat at center.  The only fault here is the portion was noticeably much less than what one usually gets uptown but those petit pieces packed in a lot of flavor.  A serving of collards with smoked turkey presented in a tiny skillet was also nicely spiced but our guest critic mentioned it had a bit too much acid from the vinegar for his taste.  Another side dish was the potato salad which did bring in a bit of welcome color to the plate but probably was the least notable out of the three.

We love the location and the decor of the brownstone garden space which makes Boulevard Bistro worth a visit based on ambiance alone.  This eatery in the Mount Morris Park Historic District also gets a few more points for being a little more romantic than the other chicken joints that open up in Harlem.  There is often a line to get in so make sure to drop by earlier or be prepared to wait a little especially on the weekends.

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