Wednesday, August 12, 2015


The century-old building on the corner of 125th Street and St. Nicholas has been totally demolished as of this past spring but what will eventually go up on the prime corner spot by the express train exit?  Permits have shown that  a low level commercial building would arrive and we had expected more glass to go up on Harlem's commercial corridor but this now appears not to be the case.
New York Nimby posted the proposed rendering of the 2-story building with a roof deck and it appears less glass is in store for this key corner of Harlem.  Another point to note is that the owner of the site is also developing Whole Foods just a couple of avenues east which which will basically be a glass box.  Interestingly enough, the above design looks similar to the historic building that was demolished at that aforementioned corner of Lenox and 125th Street and probably would have fit in better being adjacent to the Mount Morris Park Historic District.

More details on the proposed building can be found on New York Nimby: LINK


  1. "Two retail tenants will occupy the ground floor, and the second floor will host a restaurant with a 4,000-square-foot rooftop bar."

    The rooftop access is exciting, as long as it isn't something like an Applebees bar! One can only start dreaming; perhaps the difference between height of the buildings surroundings will lend itself to massive movie projections or a huge mural on the wall.

  2. A trader joe's would be nice. Or some other market or establishment with good quality food.

  3. I think it's unanimous, we want something like a trader joes, etc.

    Although a Trader Joes is coming, but I believe it's more east. My thoughts is, can we get an Apple Store or an Equinoxe uptown.

    I vote for an Equinox

  4. we need trader joes in hamilton heights!

  5. that rendering is awful.

    Since they are not building up, it would have been nice to keep the facade and core out a new building behind it for retail.

    Nahh, just tear it down - unfortunately if it is not landmarked, that is the way it is in NYC.

  6. Trader Joes in Hamilton Heights is so necessary. As much as I love that old Furniture store on 145th, Broadway, that corner screams Trader Joes.