Monday, October 26, 2015


Last month the cornice at the building on the corner or 129th and Lenox had been removed and we mentioned that the better option these days was to restore an entire building since historic district values are some of the highest uptown.  This trend actually shows the value of original character and the outside of the building is just as important as the features within.  A neighbor just sent in the above photo this weekend showing the same cornice being added back on so maybe some property owners have been paying attention to the restoration movement happening all over the city.  When the New York City was on a decline in the midcentury, many of the older building were stripped of what made them unique but now developers have been keeping facades intact and paying more attention to historic details.


  1. The cornice was likely removed to repair leaks in the parapet wall. I happen to live across the street from this building and know that the building had extensive work done on the exterior a few years back (maybe 10?), that included the restoration of the parapet. Seems like there has been water infiltration for some time, however, and this latest round of work will probably help to resolve the problem. So, this is a building owner that has long known the importance of historic details like the cornice.

  2. I scolded the landlord in the last posting for taking it down.

    my apologies.

    glad to see its return and the owner is smart to invest in the property and its restoration.