Friday, November 6, 2015


We did a quick post on the bourbon bar arriving on Hamilton Heights this week based on tips but now the owner has provided some details on the new crafted drink space by 150th Street.  Based on the information received, it looks like the new uptown watering hole will really be serving up some authenticity:

It is in fact going to be a bourbon and rye bar called Uptown Bourbon, but all liquors, especially mezcal and absinthe will be represented in a relaxed dark wood spot without TV's, absolutely no TV. But the music will be great and the drinks even better. Bitters and tinctures will be made in house by a pretty accomplished team of mixologists. For food we will have charcuterie sourced from small Kentucky farms. We plan to be open this winter and add to a neighborhood I've come to love.


  1. Yes. Thank you, I migbt start crying. I love EVERYTHING i just read.

  2. That NO TV thing just excited me to the fullest. I live blocks east from there and love how its besides the art gallery.

    I feel like its the kind of smooth and almost jazz like vibe that we could use. A great compliment and contrast to what we already have at Harlem Public. This definitely adds a lot to HH.

    Great post!

  3. oooooh fantastic!!!! Finally a place for us adults that want a real bar with no blaring tvs in the background...