Wednesday, December 2, 2015


The paperwork on the newest Japanese eatery by the Mount Morris Park Historic District on Lenox by 119th had the name Vino Sushi for the past months but the official signage that has appeared in the windows have now indicated a change.  This fast sushi spot by the founder of Brother Jimmy's Barbecue is looking to make a big impression uptown but how will it hold up?  Check out the new moniker for this Harlem establishment after the jump.
Everything here looks decidedly contemporary so it will be interesting to see how the interior turns out for Little Bamboo. Between the shoji screen windows and the blue neon light emanating from the back, it would appear that the things are going to be a bit all over the place.  This address is a rather large space so the food will have to be pretty impressive to keep it packed enough to maintain the overhead.  More about the new express spot can be found in our past post: LINK

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  1. My first review on this blog...went to have a quick lunch at the newly opened pan-Japanese/Asian establishment. Menu is pricey especially for lunch during mid-week. Despite the fact that there was no one in the place when I arrived (1:30 pm), it took a good 20 minutes to be served the new Chirashi(sp?) bowl. It is an assortment of raw sliced tuna and salmon, "aioli" sauce, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, and a deep fried something that although I didn't know what it was, happened to be very tasty- served on top of a bed of white sushi rice. Brown rice was not an option. Overall it was tasty but for the price I do believe brown sushi rice should have been an option. Although the aioli sauce is tasty, it completely annihilates the fresh and healthy essence of this dish. I hope this restaurant lasts simply for its creative use of the space and the menu. But at these prices, it may well follow the demise of many Harlem restaurants that are ahead of their time in terms of lack of value.