Tuesday, December 1, 2015


There was a fire last week at the brand new Foodtown up on Sugar Hill but the damage looks worse on the outside than what we saw within.  Walking by this block of 148th Street on St. Nicholas the next morning, we noticed that the windows were all gone and that the ceiling inside the store looked like it was severely damaged.  The rest of the interior such as the checkout lanes, shelves and even the food looked like it was untouched from what we could see.  Also the signage out front and the bunting did not even catch aflame so things probably look worse than they actually are.  Hopefully the repairs will come along quickly and have things running again in the coming months or so.


  1. I saw one of the owners and they said they are working to rebuild and will definitely be back. There is a sign up now and it looks like they are coming back. We have gone here just about every day for the last 3.5 years, so will be so happy when it's open again. Hope everyone who works there isn't without pay for the holidays though, that part makes me very sad.

    1. Hello Brooke,

      We are working hard to bringing your neighborhood store back & we gladly appreciate your patronage during the last 3.5yrs. We have served the Sugar Hill/Hamilton Heights community for over 26yrs & look forward to another 26 years. All employees have their jobs secured & are either assisting in any possible way during the clean up or are temporarily transferred to another location during the rebuilding process.

      Please follow us on FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM @foodtownharlem for future updates.

      Happy Holidays,
      Bill Estevez