Monday, January 25, 2016


The crepe trend did not do so well in West or Central Harlem over the past few years but apparently a spot on the east side is now a local favorite hangout.  Crepe Cafe just opened about 3 months ago on Lexington Avenue by East 104th Street and could easily be mistaken for a commercial spot like the 7-Eleven next door based on the signage out front.  Peering inside, the decor suggests something entirely different.

When we first dropped by real quick for coffee last week, a young mustachioed european gentleman was at the register so we assume the proprietors might be expats in East Harlem.  With that said, the atmosphere was a refreshing modern, deconstructive aesthetic that is quite new for the area.  Partially exposed brick, polished concrete floors, industrial lamps and well placed wood panels on the ceiling were visually compelling elements that were inviting to anyone passing by.

Offerings included savory or sweet crepes along with bagels and standard sandwiches.  We had a salmon, creme cheese plate with fresh herbs and salad inside which did not disappoint but the sweet crepes look like they would be the ones to really go for next time around.  Coffees and juices along with lots of plug outlets for laptops are also a plus at the compact eatery.  East Harlem is now transforming much quicker than we have noticed previously so expect more stories in the near future about this part of the neighborhood.

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