Thursday, January 7, 2016


After a long holiday and doing some major restaurant reviews in December, we decided to check out some of the healthier options to be found uptown for 2016.  An iPhone app that calculates approximate calories for each ingredient also comes in handy for getting a better idea of calorie count and we put some of uptown's favorites to the health test. Pretty much anything around 300 or under will be the ones to look out for.

Marcus Samuelsson's casual dining mecca Streetbrird on Frederick Douglass Boulevard at 116th is up next for the Harlem healthy salad test of 2016.  The fresh vegetarian offering on the menu called the FDB salad is a generous plate of mixed greens, bean sprouts, green beans, chopped topped tomato, cucumber and a bit of dried shrimp on top. This asian inspired recipe also has Vietnamese style anchovy marinade as the dressing with more than a moderate amount of added heat which makes the plate not one hundred percent vegan. We are used to having the briny dried shrimp cooked up in Asian dishes which softens them up a bit so those who are not familiar with the flavor might find the straight up version a bit intense.  Overall a solid and filling choice that clocked in with just only 180 calories at a cost of $11 per serving.

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