Thursday, January 7, 2016


As many know by now, Coccola by City College on Amsterdam at the corner of 139th Street has closed but a new restaurant will open very soon.  We had noticed workers renovating the space back in December and one of the owners recently sent us an email.  An Italian restaurant called Fumo will arrive in the coming weeks with wood-fired pizza so the concept is not too far removed from the former establishment.  The menu has already been placed up online but an opening date has not been announced yet: LINK


  1. Too bad about Coccola. I liked the place and thought the pizza was underrated.

  2. Coccola used premium ingredients but often the final product lacked quality control - i.e. the kitchen filled the order incorrectly, or undercooked the food. Too bad, because when they got it right, the food was excellent. I think if they had opened across the street from Harlem Public and addressed the quality control aspects they would have been very successful.

  3. I think Coccola needed to create more of an atmosphere as well. I went there twice, and it was a great space, but they didn't have much on the walls to remind you of Italy, or of the surrounding neighborhood. Most of the newer successful restaurants have made an effort to decorate in style.