Monday, January 25, 2016


New York Fashion Week is coming up in February and Harlem Bespoke will be having a soft launch of a new collection concept uptown.  We have had quite a bit of success with working on a small boutique level with Sugar Hill Market in Central Harlem but will now be setting up a bigger trunk show event within a new industrial loft space.  Our goal will be mainly to feature local designer lines that work with manufacturing in greater New York City or the United States.  This is all part of a movement towards slow fashion which focuses on the integrity of each garment instead of cheap, disposable styles made overseas.

One of the big issues at hand is that industrial jobs do mean something but big companies no longer support maintaining a manufacturing base stateside because they are driven by higher profit margins.   Supporting smaller, better end companies keep jobs in the city which goes beyond buying into superficial trends and helps a greater cause.

Featured guests at this free event will be posted in the next few days and more details will be announced this time next week. For press interests or buyer inquiries, contact:

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