Thursday, February 4, 2016


One of the most famous interior decorators today lives in Harlem's Graham Court and has notably designed one of the most iconic element of home furnishings that many see as high art. The wallpaper print Harlem Toile by Sheila Bridges was the predecessor to modern artists such as Kehinde Wiley who has been highly recognized just in the past decade for depictions of minorities in traditionally classical settings.  Harlem Toile which has been exhibited in museums portrays 18th century pastoral scenes but with African Americans dressed in rich Rococo period clothing but at the same time dancing to a boom box, playing basketball or jumping double Dutch.

Anachronisms aside, the piece has charming bucolic appeal and makes a strong visual statement in any home.   Sheils Bridges has since rolled out the wallpaper print into other home furnishing and more recently a collection of printed umbrellas.

Make sure to meet the designer at this Sunday's February 7th Fashion Week open house showcase at 1867 Amsterdam by 152nd Street from 1:00PM-5:0PM and see the new printed furnishings collection.  The designer will also be present with home furnishings on site and available for consultation inquiries: LINK

Photos courtesy Shelia Bridges @HarlemToileGirl on Instagram


  1. She slays. I love her style.

  2. Sheila is a goddess. I wish her so much success.