Friday, February 12, 2016


Maxwell's from Tribeca opened up their 2nd location by Central Park North a couple of weeks back and we were able to make it through the cold weather this week to check out the former Ottomanelli's space.  Our big concern was that this corner by 111th Street on Fifth Avenue might be just a bit too far out of the way for foot traffic for a better business but we were pleasantly surprised that the tavern was busy by 6:00PM.  More photos and a food review after the jump.

There are many residential prewar or new constructions on this side of Harlem and not much is really going on east of Lenox Avenue by the park so a new eatery that gets it right should theoretically do well.  Needles to say, Maxwell's really invested in the space with wood ceiling, vintage lights, paneling on the walls, decorative tiles and a sturdy but classic bar at the entrance.  This 60 seater even has banquets in the back for large groups and each table has freshly cut roses on display.  At the end of the day, this is all still in a bar setting and some of the earlier guests to arrive sat out to watch the game on the television screen but small groups including families were also gathering at the same time.

So how was the food? Everything is pretty much pub grub here which is perfect for the winter season but this is really easy to mess up the basics.  We went for the an order of fish and chips to see if someone uptown could finally get it all done right.  A platter came out with what looked a portion the size of a typical whole fish but this was beer battered cod so that was not the case.  Malt vinegar came on the side as it should and everything was on top of a bed of fries which were perfectly crispy.  With a drink on the side, this was the perfect start to the evening and gave us a solid impression of Maxwell's.

Those who have been saying that they still missed some of the quality type establishments found downtown should head over to this corner of what is technically East Harlem to check out the bar that is a big step for the area's dining scene.  We will definitely be back for more reviews but those who want to know a little more about the restaurant should check out the official website:


  1. Had dinner here with friends last Tuesday. Food and service were both great. Everyone should support this new addition to the Harlem restaurant scene.

  2. Checked out Maxwells yesterday afternoon. Nice interior design, good selection of foods, friendly service, full bar. The two of us had hamburgers that were very good, choice cuts of meat. I had a mixed berry something or other mojito that hit the spot. Oh, and I have a thing about bathrooms that are an after thought in restaurants. Happily, here they are well designed & very clean. Will return