Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Curry-Ya Uptown has officially opened today on Amsterdam and 133rd Street starting with lunch service at noon and dinner service up until 9:00pm.  Those familiar with the downtown dining scene will recognize that this is the second location of the East Village eatery which is also the sister shop to Rai Rai Ken ramen next door.  The specialty of the house is Japanese curry which is the equivalent to mac and cheese in it's home country.  This 21-seater has a more cozy feel than its sleeker downtown counter part and uptowner will definitely want to go out of their way to try the unique dish on the menu.

Most Japanese curry restaurants serve the classic fried cutlet of pork or chicken on top of a bed of rice and sauce. At Curry-Ya,  diners can have it the standard way or for a little more have everything served up in cast iron pot with a layer of cheese and a baked egg.  It all takes a bit longer but the outcome is a delicious variation on the origina since a nice crust forms on the edges.  Those with lighter appetites might want to split this one and order a bunch of sides or salads since the dish is quite rich.  An option of brown rice instead of white made us feel a little better but we could not resist ordering the Berkshire pork sausage on the side with the lunch special which is basically the most delicious frankfurter one will ever encounter.

Since this is just the soft opening week, expect a bit of a wait for service but we definitely recommend dropping by instead of ordering out since the baked option is worth exploring.  There are also salads and mochi ice cream on the menu but a beer and wine license has not been set up yet.  Those who are interested in delivery should call:  646.861.3833

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