Monday, April 11, 2016


ACP Coffee on Adam Clayton Powell just south of 135th Street opened this weekend and we were able to stop by when the sun came out.  This new cafe close to Striver Row has a more modern take on a coffee shop but still looks like it pairs well with the brownstone that it is housed within.  More photos after the jump.

The charming interior has a restored original ceiling but the other design elements are put in place for a more updated look.  White walls open up the space and handsome herringbone wood floors provide some major character in a fashion that is new for java joints uptown.  As can be seen by the photos, there is a lot of sunlight from the big windows out front and foot traffic was pretty good in the early morning because of the visibility on the avenue.  Pastries and sandwiches are being served up during the soft opening along with a great cup of coffee so make sure to stop by.


  1. Looks nice, I wish it was open later

  2. This is a great place with friendly people. I will go back often.