Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Harlem Eatup! is coming up soon and we dropped by Blujeen at 2143 Frederick Douglass Boulevard by 116th Street last week during a television interview with Chef Lance Knowling to check out some of the amazing signature dishes at the contemporary southern eatery.  One of the most talked about house specialty to try is the signature lobster mac and cheese which is made on the spot for each order using a more than generous amount of seafood.  Blujeen always has live lobster on hand to prep up each day and the freshness of the offering really shines through.  This is definitely more the fine dining version of the popular dish which packs a punch of flavor with three cheeses but is balanced enough to highlight the excellent portions of sweet meat.

Chef Knowling also showed off the Kansas style barbecue ribs which is probably the most elegant presentation of the dish one can find uptown.  The perfect sweet and savory sauce accents the baked beans on the side along with the tender ribs which all came together with the finest crispy pickles that one will ever have.  We could not say enough about the excellent fried half henny that we tried on our last visit but Blujeen for some reason is definitely still an undiscovered gem for many.

Tickets are still available for the Eatup! dinner at Blujeen with celebrity chef Justin Smillie of downtown's Upland and those interested in this year's dining event on May 20th should reserve tickets on the official event site: LINK

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