Thursday, May 19, 2016


Bespoke readers have been sending in messages and photos that the renovated Food Town on St. Nicholas and 148th Street has finally opened again.  The new store layout had many neighbors excited last year but caught fire shortly after back in November.  This is one of main supermarkets for this living north of 145th Street and therefore a good thing has happened this week.


  1. The store had a 'soft' opening yesterday, officially opening today. It looks amazing, they even managed to find a few extra sq. feet as well. All of the original team that worked there pre-fried seem to be back. I stopped in and it was hard to tell who was more excited, residents of the neighborhood or the owners/employees. This store was sorely missed while it was closed, but it's great to have it back. They did a great job renovating and it just looks amazing. I don't know if it was as appreciated a convenience as it should have been while they were open, like the saying goes…You don't know what you've got till it's gone. Wishing them well and many decades of good business.

  2. Oh, happy day! I was practically dancing in the aisles. Who needs that pretentious, overpriced Whole Foods when we have our beloved Foodtown open again. This grocery store isn't the biggest, but it's a gem that seems able to offer fresh produce and a huge variety of products to suit the multicultural residents of this wonderful neighborhood. The renovation is beautiful, and certain sections—vegan items, baked goods, and cheese, for example—seem to have actually expanded. I am so grateful to Foodtown for not abandoning the store after the fire.