Thursday, June 16, 2016


Who can guess the vantage point of this image taken circa 1901 with a park view and a small heard of goats?  The big warehouse at the top right is one big clue but also the tiny row of brownstones with the unique oriels to the left are a giveaway to those who know the neighborhood.  New construction was on its way at the base of the park and these two twin buildings still exist today.  There is also a small Harlem village just north of this intersection that was also known for having a lot of goats back in the day so it all kind of makes sense.

ANSWER: This is a pretty good view of 123rd Street and Morningside Avenue when all of the original architecture was intact.  The aforementioned brownstones have partially been demolished to make way for a condo tower but the twin prewar buildings that were under construction are now seeing a second chance with restoration at hand.  There is actually a building at the top of the park where the goats were grazing and nearby Manhattanville no longer has any farms with live stock in this day and age. Archival image courtesy the Museum of the City of New York


  1. I see my house!!! It's Northern heights of Morningside Park, looking over at 123rd Street with old Dwyer warehouse in background. They are just building the big apartment building in Morningside that are now being renovated. What an awesome picture!!

  2. This is Morningside Drive, overlooking the corner of Morningside Avenue & 123rd St.

    The trees have grown a bit over 115 years!