Sunday, August 14, 2016


The New York Daily News published a wonderful story on the famous Art Kane photo taken in 1958 called A Great Day in Harlem. Many already know the back story of the Esquire magazine photo that brought together some of the greatest musicians of the jazz age but the article goes further and talks about the famous address in modern times.  This multi-family brownstone at 17 East 126th street was purchased in the 90s and the would-be homeowner was told that the neighborhood was not safe or loans would be hard to get. Nevertheless, Noel Cotto knew she was buying a piece of history at a great price since the house just east of Fifth Avenue had previously been renovated.   Today the block is still an attraction with folks all over the world who regularly drop by and take photos in front of the famous stoop.  Read more about the famous townhouse in the Daily News: LINK

For more on the house history, check out the facade in the 90s: LINK

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  1. You know that only Two musicians in that classic photo were still living as of Jan 2016.