Wednesday, December 21, 2016


We actually did not have any expectations when first dining at RDV on FDB by 112th when the eatery first opened in November but knew right away that something special just arrived on the South Harlem dining scene.  Chef Kfir Ben-Ari formerly of Paradou in the Meat Packing District took over the former 5 & Diamond space over the summer and transformed the compact restaurant into a tapas style franco-mediterranen destination that is quite a new uptown concept.

The south of France has a lighter regional cuisine that downplays heavy sauces and highlights fresh, seasonal ingredients which can all be had at this 8th Avenue address.  At RDV, one can choose from small plates of vegetables, fish, meat or fowl for under $20 for most offerings and each is presented in a formidable fine dining fashion.  Seared wild boar with medallions of carrot flan, grilled sardines with garlic micro greens, a show-stopping roast chicken with brussels sprouts and slivers of bright beets were some of the highlights of the first menu.  Even the dessert of fourme d'ambert mousse, pistachio white chocolate and a phyllo nest somehow felt healthy and light.

One of other points to note is that the 37-seat eatery is a chef-owned restaurant with the proprietor in the kitchen and on the floor each evening so the service is impeccable.  There is also a specially edited wine list that has one of the best selections to be found uptown and most definitely worth a try.  Read more about this year's top restaurant pick in our past post: LINK

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