Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Harlem Bespoke:  UPDATE:  This was originally a theater and then converted into a church which would be famous for the funeral of Malcom X as mentioned in the Times last year: LINK

The former synagogue church in Hamilton Heights that had been converted into a church in recent decades will apparently be fully demolished this year.  A tip came in that the work started last year and permits confirm as much for the building on Amsterdam by 147th Street.  We walked by the Hamiltons Heights address last week and took a snapshot of what was left in the interior.
Most of the original architectural details on the facade appears to have been altered and whatever remains of the interior is mostly gone now.  According to the Times article, there will be a 10-story tower arriving and a built in church space will be part of the development: LINK

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  1. And this was the location of Malcolm X's funeral. It's such a shame that so much of Harlem's history is being lost just because people don't know about it!