Tuesday, March 10, 2009

☞ PROTECT: M & G Diner

Alas, the most distinctive "old school" storefront in Harlem has closed its doors as of late summer 2008. The yellow painted brick building with the neon and bulb light signs proclaiming "old fashion but good" still remain. This small diner had one of the best jukeboxes in the city and served up the best greasy spoon fried chicken, grits and pancakes to devoted locals and tourist alike. Word has it that the owner sold the business but there is still no information on what it will return as. A good course of action might be the one that Lenox Lounge took. They kept their identity but cleaned it up so it stayed true to the original spirit. The Lower East Side and Brooklyn have this early century revival movement going on which provides the local neighborhoods with businesses that are in context to the architecture and history already there. Harlem has more character than many neighborhoods in New York City. It just needs a polish to reveal what is already underneath. Located on 125th street between Convent Avenue and St. Nicholas Avenue.

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