Tuesday, May 26, 2009

☞ DWELL: 20 East 127th Street Brownstone

The landmarked brownstone on East 127th Street between 5th Avenue and Madison might be familiar to some since it is non other than the Langston Hughes House. Even though it is technically in East Harlem, this exceptional block right off of 5th Avenue still retains the grandeur usually associated with its West Harlem neighbors. The house's location to the express train also can not be beat. The intact original interior with detailed plaster-work on the ceiling is a rare find in Harlem for most brownstone owners in these parts could not afford the upkeep of such original works. Notable on the front are the the ivy covered walls and the unique cast-iron rails with their distinctive green finials. The asking price for 1.2 million might have to go down a little in this market but the house itself is indeed the coveted 20 foot wide standard. Take the 2,3 train to 125th Street or see our previous post on more of the house's history: LINK

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