Wednesday, May 20, 2009

☞ DWELL: 470 West 148th Street Brownstone

This Hamilton Heights brownstone is a wee-bit narrow since only the left half of the building is for sale but on the positive side, the coveted original details are still intact on the inside. From the looks of the exterior, the sister townhouse is connected to a mirror image twin and seems to be south of 15 feet wide (20 feet being the gold standard). As one can see, a good majority of wood-work is intact and in beautiful condition and the bathroom still has its original clawfoot tub. Another plus is that its asking price dropped by 200K since April and is currently at 999K. The location's quiet, lush, tree-line block is also ideal. Hamilton Heights is a landmarked, residential neighborhood with not too many amenities beyond the local Dominican and Mexican businesses along the Broadway commercial strip but there is obvious potential. See previous post for more on the nabe: LINK

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