Monday, June 29, 2009

☞ READ: The NY Times 104th Street Mural Story

This weekend's NY Times article focused on the endangered murals of East Harlem.  The one in the photo is on 104th Street and Lexington Avenue and has been in the neighborhood since 1978.  Unlike most street art today, the mural was painted by brushes and depicts neighborhood locals in their daily activity.  Past meets present and the mural has been "tagged" with graffiti.  Local groups are now trying to secure funds to repair the artwork and also raise cultural art awareness to the new generation of East Harlem. Read more in the NY Times article: LINK. Photo by Jenn Ackerman for the NY Times.

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  1. The woman in the white apron in the mural was Catulína Sánchez. She was a store owner down the street from where the mural is presented. She died in 1998.