Tuesday, July 28, 2009

☞ DWELL: 363 West 120th Street Brownstone

The brownstone between Morningside Avenue and Manhattan Avenue is narrow at 17" wide but makes up for it through its prime location. The brownstones on the side streets of Morningside Park off of Morningside Avenue have been slowly transformed in the past ten years, and this section of West Harlem, though not landmarked, is pretty impressive in its historic architecture. The golden standard of 20" wide may not have been reached, but the exterior has some lovely details along with an intact interior that does not look like it would take much to spruce up. Note, though, that the building faces an elementary school across the street, so the view is not that of a full brownstone-lined street. The asking price is $899K, which ultimately may not be such a bad investment for this part of town right off of a landmarked park. Closest subway is the A,B,C,D at 125th Street which gives the option of getting downtown in 15 minutes.

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