Wednesday, August 26, 2009

☞ DWELL: 235 West 113th Street Condominium

There was a time when Harlem was brand-new, and the brownstones and new buildings had the feeling of a shiny new car. If one ever wondered what those residences might have felt like when first completed, we think that the architects who worked on the 235 West 113th Street building created one of the best contextual structures around. Most amateurish attempts by developers to maximize a 20' wide lot really end up as out of proportion "finger" buildings that jet up high above the rows of neighboring brownstones to maximize air rights. The ceilings are low in these unfortunate attempts at architecture so that they can get more floors in, and some rather fake-looking classic details are thrown on the facade that look like they were made for a stage set.

The 113th Street building is the only taller building that we have seen in a row of brownstones that looks like it belongs there. The lower windows line up to the neighbors, there are even fire escapes, and let's not forget the very substantial cornice on top. The doors are brand-new with paneled windows, and their ironwork at the entrance is quite attractive, too. The location sits between the new amenities of the popular FDB/8th Avenue section of South Harlem and ACP/7th Avenue with Central Park 3 blocks away. Transportation wise, the local B,C train and the express 2,3 train on 110th Street is only a five minute walk. If a developer ends up buying some of those empty lots in the historic Mount Morris Park district, they should give these guys a call. See more on the 113th Condo website: LINK

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