Wednesday, August 26, 2009

☞ SEE: Harlem in Harper's September Issue

The Harper's Bazaar big September issue focuses in on Harlem. Renowned fashion photographer, Peter Lindbergh, captures the mood of classic Harlem with contemporary clothes that alludes to the jazz years of the 1940's. The top photo of model Chanel Iman shows the majestic viaduct on 125th Street and the third incarnation of the famous Cotton Club. Another major location shot is at the iconic Lenox Lounge. To see more, run out to the newsstand and get a copy in order to take a look at the fashionable side of Harlem. Click on photo for detail.


  1. enjoyed hearing about this photo fashion shoot as well and posted a story on August 18th. Gorgeous photos of Harlem...yes? We thought so therefore we decided to share it with our readers as well!

  2. This issue of Bazaar really shows the undoubted beauty of Harlem. It's great news for everyone to see.

  3. Unbelievable. Harlem in Harper's Bazaar. Who knew?