Wednesday, October 21, 2009

☞ DWELL: 640 West 138th Street Brownstone

UPDATE: Broker has pulled the listing. We will advise on status once there is more information on the property. Look out for this week's open house post for another building for sale on the same block.

This former carriage house (left side house out of the two) between Broadway and Riverside Drive in West Harlem, carries an entry level price at one of Manhattan's entry levels. At the asking of $775K, this could work out for a first time house buyer but the location is basically next to an exit of Riverside Drive and the West Side Highway (there's one of those limestone bridge underpasses arching over at the end of the block). In the mornings it's quiet but as the day progresses, cars do tend to barrel down this section of 138th Street. The house is definitely on the charming side, but at three floors and fifteen foot wide, it is a much smaller property than most that have been listed recently. This one is definitely habitable, so a mortgage should be good to go for the right buyer. Nearest subway is the 1 train at 137th Street. Photo by Ulysses


  1. Nice brickwork details especially the arched windows.

  2. Yellow brick is a nice alternative to the darker reds. The thin, horizontal contrast stripes on the top level are pretty custom-made also.

  3. Tried to comment earlier - not sure what happened. Anyway, my husband and I looked at the one next door as a rental a couple of years ago (they were asking 6k/month, although it had been completely renovated).

    Ulysses - do you have a link to a listing you could post?

  4. The status on the house might have just changed since the broker pulled it off their site. Reach us at if you need more information.