Wednesday, February 24, 2010

☞ DWELL: 4 West 126th Street Brownstone

The property on 4 West 126th Street might be on an apparently quite brownstone block but unfortunately, it is also next to the one of the biggest demolished lots in Harlem. To the right of the four story building is the lot that the new Applebee's restaurant is adjacent to. This open land extends from the 125th Street side into the 126th Street section and whatever was planned there doesn't seem to be coming along anytime soon. The house itself is basically a shell since the interior consist of exposed bricks and ceiling rafters and there aren't any windows or infrastructure installed. At asking the asking of $1.4 million, we are wondering if the brokers will get that price for a shell since homes that are fixed up are selling at that range these days. Another point is that it has been on the market for over a year so one would think that the prices would go down quite a bit to move the property.

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  1. The large vacant lot is 5-15 W 125th, which was to be a luxury hotel by Reisman Property Interests. Googling it, I found this reference ( which suggests that it might become a Hilton Garden Inn, and this rendering from an architect ( that shows an office and retail building for the space, but who knows how current either of those are now. Regardless, I walk that block every day and I want the sidewalk back! I'm sick of having to walk in the street in the bad weather and watch people have to navigate baby strollers through the pathway there. It's pathetic that there's no time limit to not providing a proper sidewalk. 125th is a major street. Would the city allow that in Midtown?