Monday, February 22, 2010

☞ REMEMBER: 339 Convent Avenue

After getting our copy of The Royal Tanenbaums in the mail, we pulled out the interior insert to find a drawing of the famous Tanenbaum house on Convent Avenue. The movie has the quirky family's home listed as 111 Archer Avenue but most of the film was shot in Harlem's Hamilton Height's historic district at 339 Convent Avenue and 144th Street. We walked by to take a closer look at the home and took photos of the main entranceway that was in some of the major scenes at the end of the movie. Other Harlem scenes include Trinity Cemetery and all of the settings are beautifully filmed. We originally had a brief post on the house early last year but had not fully watched the film. After having done so, it can be safely said that anyone living in Harlem should check it out to see a very different depiction of the neighborhood that the media seldomly portrays. Read our past post on the inspiration behind the Tanenbaums and the Harlem connection: LINK. The closest subway to this location is the A,B,C,D at 145th Street. Photos by Ulysses


  1. I had the opportunity about three or four years ago to tour this building when I was looking for a wood specialist for my own home. (He had done the wood work restoration, and the owner was kind enough to let us walk through to view his work.) The interior of the building is simply stunning, much more so than it appears in the film, and the owner is simply a delight. It's a great building, in a great location, owned by great people.

  2. I second that -- I had the privledge to tour this house on the Home & Garden tour a few years ago and it is beyond stunning!

  3. They've been working on it on and off for the last three years (or so it seems from my daily walks past it). A beautiful house. There are many others in the immediate neighborhood that are just as stunning. Sadly, $$$$$.