Thursday, February 18, 2010

☞ REVIVE: Signs of Possible Life at 2272 FDB

It's been about thirty years since 2272 FDB saw anything on the corner lot at West 122nd Street and hopes were dashed last year when the planned new building did not proceed with any construction. We mentioned last week that we noticed all of the work permits had recently expired and were surprised to see brand new ones posted up over the old ones yesterday. The new permit was just filed at the end of January 2010 and will last until next January 2011. Maybe this year will break the cycle of decades lost on this block corner. The middle photo by Camilo Jose Vergara shows the block corner back in 1995. The sketch at top is what the planned building should look like. See the corner lot today on our original post: LINK

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  1. Excellent news. I'll be keeping a close eye on this one during my daily jaunt to the A train.